Your Astounding Powerful Mind

Imagine your thoughts about what you eat actually changing the hormone that says “Hey I am SATISFIED!!”

A group of researcher who are chronically curious about the physiological and psychological drivers of eating and satisfaction wanted to see if the mind-set about the WHAT eaten influences the body chemistry.

In a nutshell they took 46 people who on 2 occasions drank a  380 calorie milkshake. One time the milkshake was  presented as indulgent and decadent at 620 calories and the other time as a sensible shake complete with a fake 140 calorie label.

To really assess this false advertising both high and low, they took a baseline blood sample.  20 minutes after arriving at the lab. From then until the 1 hour mark they viewed and rated the misleading label.  You can relate to this anticipation phase  as being similar to your driving to the ice cream shop. At 1 hour their blood was drawn again.  Then finally these folks got to drink their milkshake.

90 minutes later their last blood draw occurred.  Now all of these 46 people drank the SAME EXACT SHAKE! When they believed they were enjoying a indulgence their blood levels of Ghrelin – the gremlin hunger monster – decreased.  Scarily when they had the sensible (aka diet) shake there was ZERO change in Ghrelin levels.

Consider the times you feel deprived by your food choice. This is a golden opportunity to practice a mind-shift so the hunger monster is slaked and you can carry on with your day energetically satisfied and free from food thoughts – how refreshing!

~ Be amazed by your powerful mind  ~

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