My Story

Elizabeth Berry MS, RDN
LizBerryscaleWhen you choose to work with me count on someone who relates to weight concerns, body image or food issues and desires the joy of a life of harmony. Intuitive Eating and Mindful Eating are the foundation of my freedom from dieting and how we will address your weight concerns. Well-being coaching promotes your joy-filled life of harmony.

I obtained solid science based education in nutrition, coaching and happiness and also became an ex-dieter! YOU will benefit as we collaborate on your journey to abolish dieting and achieve optimal weight.  Why can I be confident your can recover from dieting? This has been my focus since graduate school. I share here how repeated dieting sabotages our efforts.

My earliest memory of being told something was “wrong” with my body began at the tender age of 6! In addition I grew up in a family that ate “dessert” 3 meals a day plus a sweet snack . . . by 3rd grade I regularly ate to soothe myself after school. I even “wrote the book” on how to emotionally eat. Learning to enjoy running in high school helped me deal with emotions differently but underneath I still had body image issues and still “used” food. My freshman year I received a large surprise for Christmas – 12 weeks of “modeling” school. I am 5’2” and not model material. The instructors put all of us on a diet. At 96 lbs my goal was to get to 84 lbs! This was the beginning of the dieting mentality and believing that if I just had enough willpower or just the right diet I would look great and not have anything wrong with my body

Whether you are plagued by weighing too little, too much or just focused on your body issues or constant food thoughts I coach you to “exercise” your strengths while we “shakedown” the habits that stand in your way.

As a Certified Health and Wellness Coach I love seeing visions for work-life harmony and total life satisfaction soar. I play to your strengths while we discover the solutions to optimize LIFE!

Elizabeth Berry MS, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Certified_Wellcoach_Logo_-_Web_Res_-_med_-_clear_box_fa (1)I am a Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics