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My Pandemic COVID-19 Discovery

Not in the least do I at all minimize the worldwide devastation due to the pandemic.  Today I do want to share something that has been personally rewarding.  Even though I have practiced Intuitive Eating for over 10 years and also emphasize the aspects of Mindful Eating this is HUGE!

  Don’t you love the Intuitive Eating principle of ‘savoring satisfaction?” Selecting food that most appeals and promotes pleasure to you and giving careful consideration to how the food makes you feel is a powerful tool in the Free From Diets Forever mantra. Humor me with some science geek speak. There is gobs of...
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Sugar Craving: Addiction?

Sugar addiction is a hot, hot topic.  Plentiful reasons abound to reduce inadvertent sugar consumption. You know the sugar in bbq Sauce, teriyaki Sauce, crackers, cereal and coffee beverages, just to name a few. Sugar is a hot button because craving something sweet feels so intense that people easily classify it as an addiction. Too much sugar is...
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