My Pandemic COVID-19 Discovery

Not in the least do I at all minimize the worldwide devastation due to the pandemic.  Today I do want to share something that has been personally rewarding.  Even though I have practiced Intuitive Eating for over 10 years and also emphasize the aspects of Mindful Eating this is HUGE!

In the last two months I have made at least four batches of cookies, a batch of lemon bars and a carrot cake.  Let me just say WOW!  I eat one or two cookies and am completely satisfied.  I even had just half a cookie once or twice because that satisfied me. I’m not going to the kitchen throughout the day to grab a cookie. I mean I have a cookie or two sometime after dinner.  It is like being a child again without my food rule about cookies. Because other than the holidays I never make cookies, this beautiful discovery has been the silver lining in these weeks of sheltering in place. 

Cookie Monster Conquered

You see, I have told myself a story for my whole adult life.  It was true but this one thing I have never surrendered to unconditional permission to eat – cookies!  I can’t have cookies around because I will GO CRAZY and binge on cookies.  I actually ate a lot of cookies as a child. #nofilter I spent no time thinking about cookies. I didn’t “manage” cookies.  It wasn’t until I was told I was “supposed” to be “thinner and smaller” by an external source as a teenager, that the powerful Cookie Monster reared within me to devour homemade cookies.  

Intuitive Eating is so powerful!  What Food Rules or Stories have you been carrying in your mind and behavior?

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