Slow Happy Eating

I have been so fortunate lately to be able to spend time with people at extreme ends of the age spectrum – particularly to eat with them or observe them eating.

Why? Neither infants nor the elderly are in a hurry when they eat and they are perfectly content to slowly enjoy their food.

I realized my favorite mindful and attentive eating practice had been drifting . . .

So here you go, my favorite 3 tips to SLOW and HAPPY EATING

1. Pause before the meal to just appreciate it – how it looks on the plate, smells and that you get to eat.

2. Chew each bite 20 times or so. This is a super way to maximize the pleasure and really taste your food. This is when I realize how much I’ve missed when I gulp down a hurried meal or was totally distracted!

3. Consciously put your spoon, fork or food down as soon as the bite enters your mouth. You think “sounds so easy” but it’s a challenge in our American culture.

If you’re reading this, I know you are not an infant or toddler completely absorbed in finger foods. You also don’t have to wait until you are elderly. Practicing these tips allowed me the joy of reengaging with the abundant pleasure of eating.

A truly awesome side benefit is that I don’t overeat even when I am a bit distracted eating out and socializing. Will you join me in this practice of increasing attention and mindfulness to YOUR food?

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