Creating a vision board brings a strategic and persuasive method to replace limiting beliefs about what you can be or do with empowering beliefs about what is possible!

Power of Vision Boards


  1. The visual keeps your desires, dreams and end-stage outcomes front and center
  2. Can reduce cortisol levels – you know that fight or flight response – offer positive affect at a subconscious level
  3. It brings to life personal aspirations. In the act of making a collage you infuse the creative and visual process with your very unique goals. The successful realization of dreams and goals literally feels real.

5 Tips to Create YOUR Vision “Board”

  • Explore dimensions that work for you – a bulletin board or flat surface is only one idea.  Make a book, clip pictures to a “clothesline” for your wall and add texture if it fits. Jim Carey wrote himself a HUGE check with a note for acting services rendered.
  • Clip pictures that capture the spirit of who you will be in your successful attainment of your vision. My board has a confident happy woman who is having fun giving a speech.
  • Include images of obstacles. Research has shown that visualizing easy success or what is “low-hanging” fruit lowers motivation.
  • Create a secret board on Pinterest. Pinterest abounds with visuals and quotes.
  • Consider digital. Two sites I like are www.dreamitalive.com and the free app iWish.

“Creative visualization is real. It’s a powerful force that works to shape future outcomes”

~ Harvard Medical School

The most important decision is to select the medium you will view at least once a day.  The POWER is in changing your BELIEFS!

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