Obituary Notice: Diets

Born: 1900 USA

Death: February 2016 USA


  • Millions lose billions of pounds. Most regain all weight in less than 5 years
  • Inventor of eating disorders, disordered eating, body dissatisfaction
  • Slaveholder of  body confidence and joyful exercise
  • Murderer: ephedra alkaloid dietary supplements
  • Euphoria with weight loss,
  • Despair with weight regain plus, plus, plus


To best honor all who brought Diet to life.


Pending  to accommodate each mourner’s schedule.  We respect the grief of each individual who has held in high esteem their Diet. While the absence of diet will be keenly felt for a period of time, knowing the freedom on the other side gives welcome hope. Without Diet in our lives, we together can embrace peace with eating and energy to fully embrace and enjoy life.

Thank you to all who honored this life and passing with us. In lieu of flowers we respectfully request the donation of your scale to the charity of your choice.

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