Mindful Eating Deconstruction Part 1

Mindfulness by definition is being aware as possible at any given point in time – indeed mindful eating is not supposed to give you new stress. Think of mindful eating being like a diamond. Imagine the gift of a brand new diamond. You turn it this was and that catching different sparkles from different angles and various light sources. That my friend is the beauty of mindful eating.

Mindful eating is being aware while you before, during and after you eat. Awareness is so exceedingly difficult in our world of increasing distractions. Even when you purposefully eradicate electronics and reading material from the table, guess what? Our mind chatter tends to take right over as a new distraction!

Today I’m sharing one sparkly little facet of mindful eating. Think of it like that diamond and be curious rather than judgmental.

Next time you sit down to eat with silverware, what do you do with it?

  • keep it in your hand
  • do you arrange or play with your food
  • load another bite while you’re chewing

These behaviors are actually mindless – yikes!

Mindful eating is fully enjoying the (appropriate size) bite in your mouth. Growing up, it is natural to quickly eat when we had to eat things we didn’t like. It is, oh so very easy peasy, to bring that behavior into adulting.

How can you take the silverware challenge?

  • what can you do to remember to put the spoon or fork down between bites?
  • could you commit to one meal in the next two days to try the challenge ?
  • if a whole meal seems daunting, how about a certain number of mindful bites?

Share what other ideas you have to loosen the grip on the silverware!

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