Food Wars

Food wars – how many types of wars popped into your imagination when you saw the title? I want to address the typically silent, private battle in your mind. That dilemma between what you want to eat and what you “should” eat. While I absolutely know that what we eat influences many things including energy, mood, sleep and immune function to name just a few, being a slave to healthy choices to the exclusion of what you enjoy eating actually creates stress. The stress drives a cycle that causes overeating and feelings of deprivation.

Deprivation itself fuels the War!



The next time you face off between “The. Right. Choice.” and “What.You. Want.” pause and take 3 deep breaths. Check in and see if you are tired, fatigued or stressed. If the answer is yes to any of those questions, go with the healthier choice which you have already engaged in battle on the side of The.Right.Choice.  If the answer is no to all 3 of those conditions then eat what you want to eat. Savor it slowly and enjoy every tasty bite (this of course is true whatever we eat). When you reach the point of satisfaction: Stop.

Over time this strategy will bring you PEACE and the food war will be WON!

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