Eat More: Thrive!

Vegetables and Fruits!

Mindful eating involves paying attention and being present while you are eating. Far less attention is given to mindfulness of the WHAT to eat.

The Mediterranean Diet gets lots of attention in the news because of many reported health benefits.  This eating plan focuses on getting far more vegetables and fruits than the typical American eating style. Everyone knows their important but the how frequently alludes us and we wonder if its truly that important.

I challenge you to experiment and see how you thrive by eating more.

Here a 9 ideas for getting more vegetables and fruits each and every day.

Take one idea each week and then each week add another and in 2 months this mindful attention to eating more vegetables and fruits will pay off with eating more and thriving. What you focus on get bigger and bolder!

  • Eat More Meal Salads: make a base of lettuce and vegetables. Add a few ounces of protein like chicken, tuna, egg or beans. Add some quinoa or couscous or a side of bread for a complete meal.
  • Try at least one new vegetable or fruit each week.
  • Add chopped fruit to vegetable salads. Think strawberries and spinach or grapes and oranges with coleslaw.
  • Have at least one vegetable and one fruit at lunch.
  • Roast or grill vegetables.  Virtually any vegetable can go in the oven or on the grill for a different flavor profile than simply steaming.  Grill extra on the weekend for lunch and snacks through the week.  This is guaranteed to get you out of the baby carrot rut.
  • Go meatless with vegetarian options that are rich in vegetables 1-2 nights a week.
  • Serve 2 vegetables and a salad at dinner.
  • Replace desserts with fruit. Try a baked apple or peach drizzled with a tsp honey and a dash of cinnamon.
  • Add chopped peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers to cottage cheese, eggs or oatmeal for breakfast.
  • I find patience in the process is so important. It can be 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. A busy week comes along and when it’s over you realize you missed more servings than you ate. Just smile and tell yourself you enjoyed a mindful moment. Also frozen vegetables and fruits are a wonderful way to keep from the fearful rotten produce conundrum.  Both fresh and frozen give the most options for the budget, time and variety.

Enjoy eating the rainbow of beautiful food!

Share your experience because I really learn from you.

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