Virtually everyone I speak with who works (so pretty much everybody) confesses to the strong tide pulling them to the shore of “office treats.”  Some  deal with tighter clothes and others know they would never eat donuts, coffee cake, Girl Scout cookies, candy and so on if it didn’t hit them in the face when they go to get water or coffee. And I didn’t even mention vendors bringing lunch or birthday cakes.

Why did I bring up a confession?  Because of that sense of yielding to temptation!

 5 Empowering Solutions to put you on the Desktop Dining Offense

  • Treat Plan  – Each week allow one work day to ENJOY a treat. Once you experience the peace  of not just inhaling food as a knee-jerk because “forbidden food” is there,  it changes the whole game. Slowly savor it over 30 minutes even if you are having little bites at your desk.  Make it play time to see how long you can savor the flavor of a no guilt office treat.
  • Smoke Signals – The strong urge to eat a.k.a craving for something sweet/salty/fatty could be  your body sending your brain a message – feed me or hydrate me.  Keep your PREFERRED snacks in your desk drawer if you find yourself hungry between meals or have a glass of water first in case it’s a wee bit of dehydration.
  • Walk this Way – Just a mere 3-5 minutes can distract you from a craving.  No time you say, well hey, what about the time you would spend getting the office treat du jour?  And talking about the food and who brought it. Remove yourself and REFRESH with a walk.
  • Lunch . Love it –  Take a few uninterrupted minutes to disengage and experience the pleasure of a MINDFUL LUNCH.
  • Institute a Substitute – A piece of gum or your favorite tea occupy the real estate of your mouth and give you something positive to focus your ATTENTION instead of using a willpower mantra focusing on what you are trying not to eat.

What are your ideas to defeat the siren call of donuts and other desktop dining dragons?

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