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  Virtually everyone I speak with who works (so pretty much everybody) confesses to the strong tide pulling them to the shore of “office treats.”  Some  deal with tighter clothes and others know they would never eat donuts, coffee cake, Girl Scout cookies, candy and so on if it didn’t hit them in the face when they go...
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7 Benefits of Family Dinner

There is a lot of research supporting the importance of eating together as a family, whatever form your family takes.  The research has teased out single parent families, various income levels and amount and type of extracurricular activities. The gains accrue from eating with whomever your household contains. Income levels do not matter and these...
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Who Loves a Good Mystery?

One mystery scientists continuously attempt to solve is the dilemma of managing weight. Specifically, a tremendous amount of research focuses on the fact that maintaining lost weight is so incredibly challenging. Even in very tightly controlled multi-year inpatient research, the study subjects began regaining while still in the hospital setting with those rigid conditions. The difficulty...
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