Bust Boredom Eating




What room is the most entertaining in your house?  I wager it’s the Kitchen! Whether I have guests or it’s simply me, the kitchen is the hub of my home.  It seems perfectly natural when you feel a little bored or need energy to getting going again, to explore the cabinets and frig.  When I’m bored what I’m truly looking for is momentum to do what I need or want to do. It seems incredibly easy to much on a few crackers or some cheese.  Rarely when I’m bored do I reach for a piece of fruit.  Boredom Eating easily entraps as a negative habit!

Instead of reaching for food, caffeine or even alcohol, increase your energy and regain momentum with my 6 favorite tricks:

  • Massage – while I totally believe in the benefits of a professional massage use an at home trick to hit some pressure points and relax.  Sit upright and roll your foot over a tennis ball, frozen water bottle or golf ball while deeply breathing.
  • Sip a soothing cup of tea – the act of making the tea beats a little boredom. Green tea gently boosts alertness.
  • Breath Faster – simulate exercise by simply breather at a faster rate for 2-3 minutes.
  • Meditate – set a time for 5-10 minutes then get in whatever comfortable position suits you (no pretzel required) and focus on 4-5-7 breathing.  Inhale for 4 counts, hold for 5 counts and exhale for 7 counts. This simple technique speaks to your nervous system “everything is ok” and your body responds with relaxed energy.
  • Change the Scenery – go for a walk, play a game on your phone for 5 minutes or simply move to another spot in the house
  • Chew Gum – Gum stimulates our brains to ignite our concentration. This is perfect for getting going again!

I would love to hear how the Boredom Munching strikes you and how these tricks save you!

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