5 Daily Hacks for Amazing Eating Satisfaction

satisfaction = the state of being content, fulfilled

1.  Eat WHAT you need to be content and filled with pleasure. Only caveat:  eat the AMOUNT that keeps you filled with pleasure when you finish. I thoroughly savor and enjoy 1 or 2 cookies which are one of my favorite treats. Sometimes something else happens, “these are so delightful and yummy, I will enjoy some more.” I imagine it is unnecessary to finish the outcome of this scenario – I leave filled with pleasure when I ate the AMOUNT of cookies that didn’t cross the threshold of being too full, feeling gross or experiencing remorse for denying other people their opportunity to eat cookies.

2.  Speaking of guilt, why oh why do food ads associate guilt and pleasure? Consider how many products are promoted as “all of the flavor, none of the guilt” or “a guilty pleasure.” Seriously, is food moral? Does food have integrity? Is food wrong or right? Wrongdoing is harming yourself or others. When I eat so many cookies I harm myself with acid-reflux or a sugar high and crash, I feel remorse rather than guilt. I made a mistake because I associated larger quantity with greater pleasure. If you tend to overdo a favorite food or for that matter any food, learn what AMOUNT leaves you with maximum PLEASURE.

3.  Daily satisfying food choices allow every other skill of intuitive eating to flourish. Are you eating what you eat each day because it tastes good to you and serves your life? When recovering from dieting I observe several responses with people:

  • continue eating their “diet” meals because they are “healthy”
  • eat whatever they want with abandon because they’re “not dieting”
  • experiment with what they like and how it makes them feel

Those in the last group fare the best with tapping in and letting intuition guide them!

4.  Recognize that in our instant gratification culture each eating experience while satisfying, will not hold sublime eating nirvana! An expectation of every meal being exactly what you want and full of new sensations promotes overeating: pleasure seeking behavior creeps in. Use this strategy to counter the occasional uninspired WHAT of the meal or snack. Tune into the pleasure EXPERIENCE!  Notice where you are, how you feel, who you’re with, take a moment to pause and be grateful, enjoy the visual appearance and acknowledge what you do like about what you are about to eat.

5.  Eat a few bites of your food, pause and check-in. Are the taste, texture and appearance of your meal consistent with what will leave you satisfied? If you continue to eat because the food is there, will you actually end the meal dissatisfied and soon be looking for something to “fill your satisfaction void?” The search for satisfaction after eating = overeating! If the meal is not going to satisfy, stop and determine what you need in taste, texture and appearance to satisfy the WHAT and AMOUNT and proceed to relish a meal with maximum satisfaction!

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